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What's in this Workshop?

Bring life and clarity to your character illustrations to let your stories shine. In this BIG BITE course, Stan Yan explores the expressive work of masters in the kidlit illustration field, and helps you deconstruct actions and emotions into their base components so you can build your characters back up in your own style and media via a hands-on workshop using deconstructive methodology based on game play.

CHARACTER TIC-TAC-TOE is perfect for the artist looking to elevate the expressiveness of your vague or stiff character illustrations.


CHARACTER TIC-TAC-TOE is designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. This course can be taken in as little time as a lunch break, but is self-paced, and has coaching options where you can get feedback and suggestions.

Lecture Level

This course is perfect for Minnows to Tuna.

Cuddlefish Levels

Minnows: Novice illustrators, traditionally educated or self-taught, just swimming out into the kidlit illustration ocean. 

Tuna: Intermediate illustrators with some professional experience looking to tuna-up their skills and become a bigger kidlit fish while keeping their fin in the door.

Sharks: Seasoned illustration professionals looking to sharpen their teeth on advanced skill sets. 

Selfie of Stan Yan at CCIRA Conference, workshop attendees drawing on laps and floors
Bringing His Conference Workshops to your Home

No need to draw on hotel floors! Stan brings his game play methodology right to your home.

Examples From Award-Winning Kidlit Illustrators

See applications of effective character illustration from the Cuddlefish Academy's award-winning faculty.


Immediately apply what you learn to your portfolio, character and story bibles, and more!

Example Curriculum

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